Marketing/Membership/Technology Committee

About the Committee

The purpose of the Marketing/Membership/Technology Committee is to seek opportunities to attract new members, to assist existing members in maintaining their status with IPELRA/NPELRA, and to ensure the IPELRA website is useful and dynamic. We strive to accomplish this by highlighting the benefits of membership and acting as a resource to current members. We provide our members with valuable resources and access to pertinent information. The Committee continues to focus on how to leverage new technologies to enhance communications with members.

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Marketing/Membership/Technology Committee members can often be spotted near the membership table at IPELRA training events throughout the year, handing out training calendars, brochures, or simply available in case you have a question.

The Marketing/Membership/Technology Committee continues to focus on improving the Ambassador program, providing helpful resources, and developing new ways to reach current and future members.

IPELRA Ambassador Outreach Program

In 2015, the Marketing/Membership/Technology Committee launched the IPELRA Ambassador Outreach Program, designed to match new members with an existing member to act as a guide in answering general questions about the association, upcoming training opportunities, involvement in committees, and navigating the IPELRA and NPELRA websites. The Ambassadors are available to help in any way they can so you can experience everything that your IPELRA/NPELRA membership offers you as a public sector professional. When you become a member, an Ambassador is assigned to you and will contact you to introduce themselves. Feedback about the program is always welcome and should be directed to Chairperson Cristina White.

Join the Committee

IPELRA relies on the volunteer spirit of its members to keep it moving forward. If you are an outgoing, creative person or have an interest in marketing, communications, technology, networking, etc., we would be happy to have you join us in providing services to the membership. Please contact Secretariat Debi Stensland or Chairperson Cristina White for more information.


  • Cristina White, City of Warrenville, Chairperson
  • Todd Walker, Village of Algonquin, Vice Chairperson
  • Paula Freeze, NIU Center for Governmental Studies, IPELRA Communications Manager
  • Maureen Albright, Village of Woodridge
  • Toni Frazier, City of Elgin
  • Karen Gray, Village of Streamwood
  • Ted Kosowski, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
  • Leslie Rienzie-Barry, Will County Circuit Clerk

IPELRA Ambassadors

  • Maureen Albright, Village of Woodridge
  • Roxanne Bonner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
  • Toni Frazier, City of Elgin
  • Pam Jackson, Village of Palatine
  • Tameika Jones, City of Waukegan
  • DeSha Kalmar, City of Lake Forest
  • Ted Kosowski, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
  • Leslie Rienzie-Barry, Will County Circuit Clerk
  • Rocella Rodgers, Village of Wheeling
  • Emily Taub, City of Highland Park
  • Todd Walker, Village of Algonquin
  • Cristina White, City of Warrenville