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Posted on: January 1, 2019

Rocella Rodgers, 911 Communications Center Manager, Village of Wheeling

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In this issue, the member spotlight submission is from Rocella Rodgers, 911 Communications Center Manager for the Village of Wheeling, IPELRA Assistant Vice President, and Sponsorship Committee Chair.

When asked to complete the member spotlight, Rocella chose the question: What lessons have you learned in your career that have made you successful? 

I began my career in public safety dispatch before 9-1-1 was a reality and so much has changed. Like everyone else, I have matured, adapted and evolved because of the choices I have made both personally and professionally. The lessons learned are too great to list but here are a few:

• My career does not define who I am; my actions do.

• Choosing a career in public service means sacrificing time with my family. I needed to accept that my kids would not understand my absences during holidays or special events. It was important for me to come to terms with this and fully commit to trying to make my segment of the world a better place. 

• Open communication and setting clear expectations avoids long-term conflict. 

• Listen more and talk less.

• Networking, finding a Mentor and using my resources helps me to "work smarter not harder" -  IPELRA continues to be a great resource.

• What I say is not as important as how I say it (I am still working on this one); not everyone appreciates directness.

• Being consistent is just as important as documentation.

• Leadership carries responsibility; help others to succeed.

• Continuous improvement means there is no finish line.

• Understand that not everyone can be a star employee and that is O.K.  Help the struggling to meet specified expectations and know that you really "can't fix stupid".

• The need to teach the following concept has been paramount: Some things do not change in customer service like the opportunity to get it right, is just once. It is in that reality, public safety operates. In the words of Dr. Seuss, 'to the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world' so remember how you present yourself matters.

Finally, when you prefer Sci-Fi to baseball people look at you as if you have lost you mind - forgive them and know that diversity makes for a stronger team....even if they refuse to see the threat the White Walkers pose.

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