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Board of Directors Candidate Questionnaire

  1. This questionnaire is designed to summarize the qualifications for nomination candidate consideration for the IPELRA Board of Directors. Please complete the following information. If needed, you may add pages to expand your answers. Thank you for your interest in serving the Illinois Public Employer Labor Relations Association.
  2. Participation as an IPELRA Board Member may be time consuming. Therefore, it is critical that your employer supports your involvement with IPELRA.
  3. Does your employer support your involvement with IPELRA?*
  4. Will your employer allow you time off to travel to or participate in Board and committee meetings, as well as training events?*
  5. Please list at least three professional references whom we can contact to support your professional qualifications for candidacy to the IPELRA Board.
  9. Someone from the Nominations Committee will contact you. If you have any questions, please contact the IPELRA Secretariat at Thank you for your interest in serving IPELRA.
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